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Confident Instruments, Inc.


Surface Oxide Tester

The Surface Oxide Tester measures the film thickness' on copper (silver, tin or nickel) in Angstroms with the speed and user-convenience required in QC labs.  Uses include copper rod grading (conforms to ASTM B 49), rod production analysis and copper (or plated) wire analysis.  The system designers are industry experts and thus, have provided an instrument with efficient basic features, as well as, several advanced innovations for greater repeatability and ease of use.  (See lists below):

Basic Features:

Stand-Alone System with a Dedicated Computer Ethernet and RS-232 Communication & Remote Control
Sealed Graphic LCD Color Touch Screen Modular System
Automatic Sample Detection Generous Sample Tray
Fast and Automatic Electrolyte Replacement Automatic Self-Diagnosis
Automatic Electrolyte Deaeration Detachable and Easily Cleaned Cell
Adjustable Electrolyte Level within Cell Sealed NEMA Electronics Enclosure
  Electronic Circuit Boards are Vibration-Isolated


Advanced Features (valuable advances previously unseen in surface oxide testers):


Zero-maintenance reference electrode for help in differentiation of non-oxide surface film constituents.


Cell designed for measuring as-received curved rod samples to eliminate the problematic straightening task.


Polycarbonate cell-vessel to withstand rough-handling.


Maintenance of constant current density as sample sizes vary, using an automatically controlled constant current source with a wide range (0.1 to 70 mAmps).


Statistical Process Control (SPC) screen feature allowing managers to rapidly observe trends.


Assists manager with electrical calibration, as well as physical calibration via the use of copper foil.  (Includes a roll of copper foil.  An optional rapid-insertion foil holder is also available.)


Remote Updating of Firmware via RS-232 (EIA/TIA-574) to stay current with the latest features and innovations.


Convenient Wire Analysis Screen (Optional wire holder available).


Dual Current Density (DCD) Test Method.


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(Notes:  These systems are also known as the Pops Tester (or the Pops Test) after Dr. Horace Pops who introduced surface oxide measurement to the wire and cable industry 30 years ago.  Metal surface films are also referred to as patina, tarnish, residual surface oxides or surface oxide level.  These systems are also called Coulometric Analyzers, Coulometers or Coulometry Instruments and they are used in Corrosion Analysis to monitor corrosion coupons.)


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